Yeasty Mosaic at Disney's California Adventure

Yeasty Mosaic at Disney's California Adventure
Yeasty Mosaic at Disney's California Adventure

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Creativity Tip No. 43

Polka Dot Christmas Balls

Small Christmas ball ornaments waiting to be decorated

I was out shopping the other day and came across small containers of tiny Christmas ornaments that had polka dots all over them. I loved the idea of them and decided I would buy some and put them in some square vashes I have. Voila! An easy, inexpensive centerpiece.

I would need at least three of the containers to fill the vases, and was shocked when I turned one container over to see the price tag: $12. So for nearly $40 I could have that simple, inexpensive centerpiece. Didn't seem right somehow.

I then visited a JoAnn's craft store and found the same little ornaments sans polka dots on sale for $2.50 a container. That's when I had a dangerous idea: Why couldn't I paint dots on these ornaments to get the same effect?

So that's what I am doing. I already had white paint and decided I could use mini muffin pans filled with tissues as a drying rack for my little gems. I am using an old rounded embossing tool to make the paint dots but you could use a paint brush or anything else that will make a dot.
I can only paint dots on one half of the balls at a time for obvious reasons. I will let these dry overnight and then paint on the other side. I will then have 24 decorated balls when I am done with this first batch. I know I need more than that so I will probably paint 24 more.

As you can imagine, this is pretty time-consuming, but they have turned out to be pretty and still cost less than the original ones and I am enjoying myself. Very Yeasty!

Note: Here is the almost-finished final product! I need to add a few more ornaments to this vase and then make more to fill up its twin. Looks pretty good so far!

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