Yeasty Mosaic at Disney's California Adventure

Yeasty Mosaic at Disney's California Adventure
Yeasty Mosaic at Disney's California Adventure

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Daily Painting Answer to Artist's Prayer

Guest blogger: Maggie Flatley

Maggie is a super talented artist who also happens to be my sister-in-law. With a full life, she has had little time to paint but found something on the web which has helped: Daily Painting.

Daily Painting, a take off on Alla Prima, which describes a painting that is done all at one time, can help artists who have a difficult time just starting -- to start. It's like the blank page for a writer. . .hard to overcome sometimes).

Maggie writes:

I started following what is known as the Daily Painter Movement last fall. I love it. The time lapse between paintings up to that point for me was months. I tended to overwork each one, but the daily painting helps me overcome that. The painters who have really helped me include Dreama Tolle Perry and Leslie Saeta, of Artists Helping Artists. They have a blog radio show every Thursday, and also offer online demos etc. to artists.

I also like Carole Marine who is a good person to know about if you are interested in this type of work. She provides terrific demos too.

These artists use 6 x 6 in. canvases and panels to do their daily work, but I use 5 x 7 and 8 x 10 in. ones, because framing them is so much more affordable. I also still do watercolors, because I love that medium too.

I have been posting some of my art to Etsy, the online craft and art boutique, which I have found  easy to work with and which also has the lowest overhead cost of online sellers that I have found.

To visit Maggie's blog and to see more of her artwork, click here.

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